It is continues to research on high-quality,
eco-friendly vertical injection molding machines specialized in insert injection.

Energy Saving System

Ultra-precision stabilized control
  • Thanks to the Closed-loop of Servo Pump system by AC Servo Motor, the reproducibility of the Feed-back controlled system is excellent (within the deviation error of 0.1%)
  • High responsiveness by the hydraulic driving of an AC Servo Motor : 70ms
  • The precise mold protection is realized by the precise low-speed position control
With energy being saved and noise being reduced.
  • - By the control of the number of revolution in a Servo Pump system by the operation of AC Servo Motor, energy can be greatly saved and noise is much reduced. (As compared to a common hydraulic type, it can save energy by 45~65%)
Coolant and Hydraulic oil savings
  • The control of the number of revolution by an AC Servo Motor can prevent the temperature of hydraulic (working) oil from being increased.
  • The amount of cooling water to be used is saved by 30%.
  • The amount of hydraulic fluid is saved by 20%.