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F-Proof System

F-Proof System

It is a system that monitors the production equipment to prevent the operator from making a mistake, and to be able to process it quickly for the guarantee of good quality. For example, the system alerts operator when the temperature value, which is measuring element of the production facility, deviates from the tolerance range of the reference telperature. It is ensuring that the operator takes immediate action in the field and produce good products.

Main Function

Temperature measurement
It transmits real-time surveillance to the workstation PC and zone-specific management PC, intergrates them, and manages then in the central management center as a whole.
Production quantity management
It can be operated as an intergrated management system that commts the production results, and automatially stores it in the central management center and ERP servo and interlocks it, so that productivity and inventory management can be easily grasped.
Interconnection with ERP
By periodically storing temperature and production quantity data in the ERP server, it can be checked from outside.